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A Healthier Way to Work All day

Our mission is to promote an ergonomic healthy work-style through our in-depth ergonomic knowledge and office ergonomic furniture solutions such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs for home and office.
Wellness and Productivity

When Productivity Meets Health

2021 New Trend: Alternate between standing and sitting at work every 30 minutes. Health is the key to be productive and efficient. *10years warranty included!
Innovative and Durability

Posture Enhancing Chair HÅG CAPISCO

Special saddle ergonomic seat design, wide range of height adjusting positions, creating micro-movements which boosts your metabolism and blood circulations to achieve a clear mind at work.

Ergonomic Knowledge

EKOBOR provides ergonomic knowledge and training in guiding you on how to utilise your ergonomic furniture

Prevention is the Cure. Start Early.

Certified in CE, TUV, UL, SAA, BIFMA, RoHS ‧ 10 Years Warranty

Our standing desk frames are tested in Finland for its 10 years durability usage suitable for home, children and office use.

I-Standing Desk/Elm Wood (EZ-W01)
I-Standing Desk/Daystart Lake Oak/ EZ-W02
from $2,888.00
I-Standing Desk/ White (01)
from $2,888.00
I-Standing Desk/ Walnut (EZ-W06)
I-Standing Desk/ Dark Grey Oak/EZ-W04
I-Standing Desk Black top
I-Standing Desk Black top
I-Standing Desk/Black (02)

Posture Enhancing Chair: HÅG CAPISCO

Made In Norway 10 years warranty

The special saddle ergonomic seat designs can be adjusted between low and high positions, creating micro-movements which boosts your blood circulations without sacrificing your posture at work

Case Reference

Ergonomic Health Tips

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Why you should consider ergonomic furniture?

If you’re considering ergonomic furniture but not sure if it fits you well, the 3 health benefits below will help you make the decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best ergonomic furniture Hong Kong has on offer should have these features:

1. Enhances natural movement of your body

2. Supports your spine's natural 'S' shaped curvature instead of forcing the C shape

3. Accommodates the height and comfort needs of a wide range of people

4. Encourages you to be physically active throughout the day

5. Prioritizes functionality over aesthetics

6. Removes stress on muscles, bones, and joints

Feel free to drop in a message and tell us what type of chair or desk you are looking for. We will do our best to help you find the right one for your needs.

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing a work desk is its height adjustability. Standing for prolonged periods of time can also be harmful as is extended periods of sitting. A flexible workstation with adjustable height accommodates your height, your sitting, and your standing needs while optimizing your well-being. For example, you may want a specific height when computing and need a different height when talking over the phone.

You should select an item that adjusts as low as your usual sitting elbow height, and as high as your typical standing elbow height.

If more than one person uses the workstation, there may be different needs as well. In general, choose products with an optimal range of height adjustability between 75 cm -125 cm. (750 -- 1100mm).

Lastly, consider the ease of movement of the desk. Our specially designed office furniture with pneumatic lifts is not only easy to use but is the most efficient and quiet too.

EKOBOR has emerged as the most trusted provider of ergonomic furniture Hong Kong has on offer. As a subsidiary of EKPAC, which originated in Sweden 110 years ago, EKOBOR draws from EKPAC's rich experience in designing the best ergonomic furniture in the market for both adults and children.

Our extensive experience in designing SIT-STAND solutions and ergonomic office furniture, our user-friendly online store, as well as our unwavering focus on preventive healthcare makes us the top supplier of ergonomic furniture in HK.

We offer one of the most comprehensive collections of high-quality desks, chairs, and accessories that will meet your budget, height, size, ease of movement, functionality, posture, and most importantly, your well-being needs.