How to stay healthy when working from home?

by Kei Chan

How to stay healthy when working from home? 

Staying at home is affecting how much we move during the day. This could be affecting our posture, muscles and overall wellbeing. Here are some useful tips to work healthily, even at home.

  1. Stay away from couch

Experts all agree that couch is the worst place to work from for a sustained period, affecting your posture almost immediately. Imagine when you are sitting on the coach, you are less motivated to move.

  1. Using the right equipment

For the foreseeable future, remote working is the a new normal, even after Covid-19. Fundamental equipment at home has been key to a healthy, happy and productive remote working experience. 


- A Keyboard & Mouse

Staying hunched over a laptop can cause serious posture issues, so getting a keyboard and mouse is an instant way to improve your workspace.

- Ergonomic Furniture (Adjustable desks and chairs)

A proper office chair will give your body the correct posture, while standing at work will enhance blood circulation, encourage movement, and improve focus. We suggest alternating between sitting and standing at work every 30 minutes.

  1. Have a lunch of sunlight

Lack of sunlight starves your body of much-needed vitamins, resulting in many issues from bad bones to depression. So if you can, take one of your breaks in direct sunlight.

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