RH Series

RH Series

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    Whoever you are, whatever you do, whenever you do it, do it in comfort

    The RH New Logic merges first-class ergonomics with a sophisticated design that lets it blend into almost any working environment. By smoothly adjusting to your body with its sculpted shape and providing support through its adjustable lumbar support, it keeps you focused and motivated to get whatever you need done. The RH Mereo combines innovation and design to achieve active sitting and better performance, perfect for workplaces with many people as it can easily adjust to personal needs and preferences.

    3 products
    RH New Logic 220 - Made In Norway (fabric in Xtreme EXR024)
    RH MEREO 220 BLACK - Made In Norway (fabric in Patina PAT01)
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    RH MEREO 220 BLACK - Made In Norway (fabric in Gabriel SC66071)

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