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Our Story

Sharing words by our Founder, Kei Kei Chan


A Mother’s Love to Her Children

Muscle and spine pain are common nowadays because of the long sitting hours at work. EKOBOR founder, Kei Chan, a devoted mother of a pair of lovely boy-girl twins, is not an exceptional case. She was suffering from severe pain during her pregnancy. The pain and potential harm of long hours sitting to the development of her babies have urged Kei to learn about the SIT-STAND concept. ‘I feel more energetic when I’m using the SIT-STAND desk.’, suggested by Kei.


What began as a simple idea has evolved into a business model that provides full SIT-STAND solutions and accelerates WELLNESS culture at workplace.


Take a balance between WELLNESS and productivity

We concern about your health. We wish you could also make a choice to work productively and live a healthier life. Our vision at EKOBOR is to drive standing desks to be the future trend at workplace in Asia-pacific region.

Explore the new WELLNESS with us.

About EKPAC Group

Originated from Sweden, Over 100 years of Heritage in China

EKPAC Group is EKOBOR’s parent company, originated from Sweden over 100 years ago. We have been importing a great number of famous Swedish brands, such as Alfa Laval, Kone Cranes, Tetra Pak, BOMAG, Renault.  Since 30 years ago, EKPAC has been heavily focusing on developing our healthcare business and we have supplied to over 150 hospitals in China.  Our strength is to commercialize technologies & arrange to finance required. Specific industries include Healthcare, Agriculture, Fire & Rescue, and Clean Technology.  We are constantly looking for great technologies for potential cooperation and investment opportunities.   Feel free to visit us at www.ekpac.com.