Small Space! I-MINI Standing Desk - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
Small Space! I-MINI Standing Desk
Sale price $2,450.00 Regular price $3,680.00 Save 33%
Z Standing - Mini L Shape - Standing Desk - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
Z Standing - Mini L Shape - Standing Desk
Sale price $4,588.00 Regular price $6,988.00 Save 34%
Austin Platinum - L Shape Standing Desk - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
Austin Platinum - L Shape Standing Desk
Sale price $6,999.00 Regular price $13,888.00 Save 50%

Quality and Service Focused. Free repair within 10 years. Your Standing Desk Expert ! Best Selling Standing Desk 10 years warranty on the motor and on site service. Price including delivery and installations.

Free Customisation for your desk, cabinets, and your home office needs.

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Office Furniture and Interior Design Service

EKOBOR provides full office furniture solution and ergonomic consultation with interior design service.

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I-Easy Dual Motors Desk

  • Suitable for Family Use & Large table size
  • Sizes from 90cm to 180cm in width
  • Max. loading rate: 100KG, can customize 150kg loadings
  • 10 Years on-site warranty on motors and control panel
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I-Wrap Customised Standing Desk

  • EKOBOR Exclusive design
  • Special Wrapped legs with side cabinet
  • Flexible in sizes and colours
  • 10 Years on-site warranty on motors and control panel

Customized standing desk or more

The lowest height adjustment in town 49-91cm

  • Dual motors with safety Lock functions
  • All ranges of sizes available from 90-160cm suitable to use from 3 years old to adult (100-160cm)
  • Can use as coffee table too with additional lockable wheels

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Oval Premium Desk (Dual Motors)

  • Suitable for Adult and Family
  • Slim Curve Design Exclusive
  • Small size available from 120x60cm (can be customized).
  • 10 Years on-site warranty on motors and control panel
  • EKOBOR frame used double beam for enhanced stability.
  • Max Loading 120kg.
  • Remote Control

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EKOBOR – A trusted office furniture brand

Feel effortless when you want to sit right

Capisco. Made In Norway ‧ 10 years warranty 

This special horseback rider saddle ergonomic seat design creates an open hip angle which naturally straightens up your back and creates an upright posture. The design also reduces pressure on the hips, and lowers the risk of back pain.

Do you notice you slouch when you sit? EKOBOR ergonomic office furniture can help you!

You slouch not because you want to but because your desk height and your chair height do not suit you that leads to poor posture. Do not let your desk work passively for you. You deserve to have office furniture in Hong Kong that can maximize your health and comfort.

HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric
from $10,110.00 Regular price $16,990.00 Save 40%
Footring - Capisco - Foot rest - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
Footring - Capisco - Foot rest
from $1,280.00

Why you need top quality ergonomic furniture in Hong Kong

Does your back hurt whenever you sit down to work? Have your employees been feeling restless and getting out of their seats too frequently these days? If yes, maybe the issue is with the office furniture being used.

Our bodies are strong, but they’re also sensitive to postural changes. As more people get into stationary jobs that involve bending over the tables and towards computer screens, you’ll see that more people – perhaps even yourself – are experiencing immense back pain or neck pain or wrist pain or elbow pain.

In these cases, it's important to replace all your regular office furniture in Hong Kong, with ergonomic office furniture. With top quality ergonomic products, you’ll find it more comfortable to work for long hours and your co-workers and employees will be excited to get to work each day.

At EKOBOR, we are a renowned office furniture supplier with a wide selection of products. Visit our website to see our fine selection of products. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can just contact our ergonomic furniture company. We’ll do our best to get you the design and model you’re looking for.

Ergonomic furniture for offices and commercial spaces

EKOBOR’s signature office furniture Hong Kong products are designed to improve your mobility and lower the risk of chronic diseases that stem from sitting for a prolonged time. Our unique ergonomic furniture promotes productivity, comfort, and well-being at the workplace. These flexible and easy-to-move ergonomic furniture are just what you need to sharpen your focus, boost alertness and activity levels.

All of our ergonomic furniture company products are made using premium quality materials that are tested to comfortably support different weight, height, and support requirements. From premium wood to sturdy plastic to dependable metal, you’ll find office furniture of different makes here.

Browse through our ergonomic office furniture Hong Kong selection and workstations, coffee tables, keyboard trays and more.

Why workplace ergonomics is important

Healthy Employee = Productive Workplace.

Did you know that in Hong Kong, there has been a huge increase in employees that experienced back pain regularly in the past decade?

One of the main reasons for this is the usage and dependence on poor quality and badly designed products. The correct office furniture Hong Kong products will not cause such problems. This is where EKOBOR’s ergonomic furniture comes in.

Not only does ergonomic office furniture increase comfort, but it also increases productivity and reduces stress. The ergonomic furniture you purchase from EKOBOR has been designed with great care, after a close study of human physiological integrity and postural requirements. As an office furniture supplier, our desks, chairs and office furniture accessories offer the bespoke support your body needs, as to not experience acute compression, unnecessary stretching or any other form of physical stress while working. This ensures that you are safe and your body remains in top condition, uninjured due to hours of work in front of the computer.

Office furniture that are both healthier and more comfortable

EKOBOR as an office furniture supplier in Hong Kong, supplies a range of products that are available in different models, with adjustable dimensions, perfect if you are looking for ergonomic furniture that are both healthier and more comfortable.

If you’d like to view or try our ergonomic furniture HK products, please contact our expert team, and we’re sure you and your team will love our wide range of ergonomic office furniture.

How is EKOBOR different from other office furniture suppliers in Hong Kong?

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About EKOBOR ergonomic office furniture Hong Kong products - FAQs:

Ergonomic furniture refers to furniture designed to optimize your comfort and functionality while working. Office furniture that is ergonomically designed reduces your risk of neck pains, joint pain, musculoskeletal problems, poor posture, arthritis, and poor blood circulation.

The best ergonomic furniture Hong Kong products should offer the following features. It must:

 Enhance the natural movement of your body.

Support your spine's natural 'S' shaped curvature instead of forcing the C shape that comes out of bad posture while being seated.

Accommodate the height and comfort needs of a wide range of people.

Encourage you to be physically active throughout the day.

Prioritize functionality, safety and comfort over aesthetics.

Reduce stress on muscles, bones, and joints and prevent chances of injury

EKOBOR is a leading ergonomic furniture company in Hong Kong. We offer one of the most comprehensive office furniture Hong Kong collections of high-quality desks, chairs, and accessories that will meet your budget, height, size, ease of movement, functionality, posture, and most importantly, your well-being needs.

Choosing ergonomic furniture is easy.


One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing an ergonomic furniture company and products is its height adjustability. Standing for prolonged periods of time can also be harmful as is extended periods of sitting.

A flexible workstation with adjustable height accommodates your height, your sitting, and your standing needs while optimising your well-being. For example, you may want a specific height when using the computer and need a different height when talking over the phone.

You should select an office furniture item that adjusts as low as your usual sitting elbow height, and as high as your typical standing elbow height.

Lastly, consider the ease of movement of the desk. Our specially designed office furniture Hong Kong products with pneumatic lifts are not only easy to use but are the most efficient and quiet too. No more creaky noises from chairs or rattling from desks, once you have our office furniture supplier products in your office.

Yes, if the right model is chosen, then multiple people can use the same ergonomic office furniture. This makes your investment very budget-friendly.

Let’s say, for example, you have people working in different shifts. Then you’ll have more than one person who uses the workstation, at different times of the day and night. Or perhaps, you’ve got a rotating staff, where different people come in on different days and you have only limited office furniture in your office.

In order to support their varied postural needs, you should ideally choose products with an optimal range of height adjustability between 75 cm -125 cm. (750 -- 1100mm).


Our ergonomic furniture company, EKOBOR, has emerged as the most trusted provider of ergonomic furniture Hong Kong has on offer. As a subsidiary of EKPAC, which was established in Sweden 110 years ago, EKOBOR utilises EKPAC's wealth of experience in designing and producing the best ergonomic furniture in the market for both adults and children.

Our extensive experience in designing SIT-STAND solutions and ergonomic office furniture, ensure you receive world class products every time. Additionally, our user-friendly office furniture supplier online store, as well as our extensive knowledge of preventive healthcare solutions, makes us the top supplier of ergonomic furniture in HK.

We have a wide selection of ergonomic furniture for both home and office that includes desks, chairs, and accessories on our ergonomic furniture Hong Kong website. We also keep adding new office furniture for Hong Kong customers, online or at our display location, on a frequent basis. While you can check back regularly, you can also visit our live office display room at ROOM 2803, Sino Plaza, 255 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay or our shop at K11 Musea 403A in Hong Kong.

Feel free to drop in a message and tell us what type of office furniture you are looking for. We will do our best to help you find the right one for your needs.

At EKOBOR, we are a reputed office furniture supplier in Hong Kong. We can deliver your chosen products throughout the Hong Kong region. Our ergonomic furniture HK delivery times depend on the size of your order and any transportation restrictions placed by the Government (such as during the pandemic).

Once you place your order, a shipping ID will be generated, which you can use to track your order. Feel free to reach out to our ergonomic furniture company’s customer service executives in case you have any questions about your delivery.

As a office furniture supplier in Hong Kong, EKOBOR does offer installation services to clients who want this service. We can deliver your products and install them on the same day. On the other hand, we can send our professionals to your company at the agreed time and at your convenience. However, if you wish to install our office furniture yourself, that’s fine too. Our entire range of ergonomic furniture is very easy to assemble by anyone, as they are designed to give you DIY installation and adjustment opportunities.

EKOBOR ergonomic furniture HK products are designed to offer functionality, comfort and postural correction over a period of time. However, since every person’s severity of body pain is different, it is difficult to give a correct estimate of when you’ll feel better.

Plus, it does take a few days to get used to using the ergonomic furniture too, since it is different from conventional furniture. As an office furniture supplier in Hong Kong, we can provide tips that you’re sure to find useful when adjusting to the new ergonomic furniture.

However, you can expect to notice that your symptoms don’t become worse by the end of the day, as frequently, as they did when you were using traditional, uncomfortable office furniture.

For more information about ergonomic office furniture Hong Kong products, you can simply contact our friendly staff today. Our team is keen to help revamp your office functionality, comfort and safety. 

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