Kei Kei's Interview on Ming Pao Weekly

by Kei Chan

[Medical and Health Knowledge] Suffering from back aches? Kei Kei Chan demonstrates 4 stretching exercises

In recent years, many studies have been conducted on "sedentary behaviour". The result reveals that sedentary behavior would lead to various health problems, such as backaches. Whilst alternate between sitting and standing at work have been promoted in many European countries , hoping to enhance blood circulation ad lower the health impacts from prolonged sitting, most people in Hong Kong are still used to sit frequently at work. The founder of EKOBOR, Kei Kei Chan (Certified Office Ergonomics Specialist and Chair Assessment Specialist) has designed a set of 4 stretching exercise to relieve back pain. 


1. Trapezius

whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-22-pm whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-52-pm


2. Erector spinae

whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-40-pm whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-27-pm whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-35-pm


3. Hamstrings

whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-44-pm whatsapp-image-2021-06-17-at-3-38-48-pm


4. Latissimus dorsi



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