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    28 products
    [SPECIAL PRICE] NEO Ergonomic Active Bar Stool Chair - High gas lift options (All Colours) - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    [SPECIAL PRICE] NEO Ergonomic Active Bar Stool Chair - High gas lift options (All Colours) - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    [SPECIAL PRICE] NEO Ergonomic Active Bar Stool Chair - High gas lift options (All Colours)

    The Four Key Factors that an Office Ergonomic Chair cannot miss.

    Does your back hurt because of the chair you are sitting on? Hybrid working culture, which is a mixture of working from home and office alternately, has become the norm these days. To maximize our performance while reducing achiness and pain, a highly adjustable office ergonomic chair becomes a key in our chair selections during purchase.

    An Ergonomic chair is best when we are able to sit in good posture with strong back support that can prevent you from slumping and slouching as we work into the hours.  A good back support chair should be without any gap between our back and the chair when you slip our palm in between. Your spine should be in neutral position where you feel yourself fully supported.

    Another important function is the armrest, height of the armrest should be same level or slightly higher than your desk surface by 1 to 2 cm where your elbow should be at the same level as your wrist where you type hovering over the keyboard without over wrist flexion and extension.

    Another key feature of an ergonomic chair is the height adjustment, the proper height adjustment should be where your buttock should be slightly higher than your popliteal height, which means slightly higher than your knee height. The goal is to have your tail bone supporting your neutral spine instead of relying on your thigh muscles as core support, so that your back muscles will remain strong and weight will be evenly distributed in your back and buttock.

    Another important factor is the seat depth adjustment, it is important that seat depth adjustment is allowed as this can support users of different height. The key is to leave 2-3 fingers gap between the edge of the seat cushion and behind your knee to avoid contact stress and blocking the blood circulations, which can create water retention and soreness of the leg.

    Apart from European made office ergonomic chairs, EKOBOR has an affordable with fully functions office ergonomic chairs for your selections.  Pair with our standing desk. A healthy working office environment is not far to achieve! All BIFMA Quality and SGS gas lift certified.

    There are many options available in the market. But a good ergonomic chair should have all rounded functions and the most important one in fact is this one component - Seat Depth/Seat Cushion adjustment. This adjustment determines whether the chair can allow you to have your lower back supports fully. A good ergonomic chair should have no gap between the backrest and your lumbar. Without it, no matter how "ergonomic" it sounds, back pain will deem to happen.

    We might not have too many options but we have the best office chairs you need. Affordable pricing and available with Free delivery and Installations.

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