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    Beneficial to Your Health and Work Performance
    EKOBOR standing desk in Hong Kong is beneficial to your health that it helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also reduce weight gain. Our SIT-STAND desk promotes wellness and productivity at workplace in order to boost up positive working attitude because focus, alertness, and activity level would be enhanced. With no doubts, SIT-STAND desk in Hong Kong is the upcoming and inevitable health trend.

    Better than a Fixed Desk
    A standing desk can be far more functional than most of the seated desks with standardized height. Our standing desk is adjustable and tailor-made that ideally suits the height of its user individually in both standing and sitting positions. For fixed desks, it is not practical and convenient to adjust height relative.

    Eco-friendly Materials
    Not to mention, our sit stand desk is made using eco-friendly materials with FSC and EU certificates. From our water-based eco-paint, natural wood laminate veneer, or powder coating, all of our coating and components are recognized by the Four Zeros: Zero Paint, Zero Formaldehyde, Zero VOC and Zero Bacteria.

    Customization Available
    We offer a customized service not only for size, colors and material, but also for the design, style, and combination. SIT-STAND desk is an investment to health and productivity, so we hope to make it worth. Let us know your requirements, and we will do our best to tailor-make an ergonomic workplace solution for you!

    6 Ergonomic Principles

    1. Find a good ergonomic chair
      2. Stand with your head back instead of sticking out forward
      3. Good pelvic support
      4. 90 degrees Knees with heel on the floor when sitting
      5. Height of the monitor at eye level.
      6. Alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes

    EKOBOR Sit Stand desk Hong Kong is passionate and eager to bring you the most optimal ergonomic solutions for your company and yourself.

    65 products
    I-Standing Desk/ White (01)
    from $2,888.00
    I-Standing Desk/Elm Wood (EZ-W01)
    I-Standing Desk/Daystart Lake Oak/ EZ-W02
    from $2,888.00
    I-Standing Desk/ Dark Grey Oak/EZ-W04
    I-Standing Desk Black top
    I-Standing Desk Black top
    I-Standing Desk/Black (02)
    I-Standing Desk/ Walnut (EZ-W06)
    Oval Premium/Dual Motors/ Black (MG30)/Black Frame
    Sale price $5,788.00 Regular price $7,500.00 Save $1,712
    AUSTIN DUAL - Face to Face/Trading Desk Height Adjustable Table
    Executive Ergonomic Sit-Stand Workstation - Customized
    Ergotron MXV Desk Dual Monitor Arm (white) Two-Monitor Mount 45-496-216
    Socket panel photo
    Clamp-on Socket Extension- Black ( AS49-001-02)
    Sale price $428.00 Regular price $459.00 Save $31
    EKOBOR iMac Monitor Arm - Full Motion Desk Gas Arm
    Sale price $1,550.00 Regular price $1,750.00 Save $200
    New! I-MOVEY Rechargeable Battery Mobile Standing Desk - Black Frame/ES-02 White (With cable hole)
    from $3,188.00
    M08 Single Monitor Arm - Black (MA22-L01-02)
    Sale price $798.00 Regular price $998.00 Save $200

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