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    15 products
    New! Laptop Computer/Ipad/Tablet Devices Desk Riser -Light Silver Grey - EKOBOR
    New! Laptop Computer/Ipad/Tablet Devices Desk Riser -Light Silver Grey - EKOBOR
    New! Laptop Computer/Ipad/Tablet Devices Desk Riser -Light Silver Grey
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    New! Laptop Notebook Tray/Ipad/Tablet Devices Desk Riser - Dark Metallic Grey - EKOBOR
    New! Laptop Notebook Tray/Ipad/Tablet Devices Desk Riser - Dark Metallic Grey
    ERGOTRON Neo-Flex® Notebook Lift Stand PART NUMBER: 33-334-085 - EKOBOR
    ERGOTRON Neo-Flex® Notebook Lift Stand PART NUMBER: 33-334-085 - EKOBOR
    ERGOTRON Neo-Flex® Notebook Lift Stand PART NUMBER: 33-334-085
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    EKOBOR standing desk converter Hong Kong products

    Renovations could be quite a lengthy process and not many of us have the time to get involved in this sophisticated and resource-demanding process, not to mention you might just have a brand-new desk that you do not wish to discard. However, we are eager to equip your office or home with ergonomic sit-stand functions instantly. Here, we have a good solution for you!

    Our standing desk converter Hong Kong products could be a reasonable and affordable option for you if you have limited time and resources to upgrade your working environment. Our team will be more than happy to help you out with wiring in order to organize them nicely and neatly. And most importantly, we will explain how you can optimize the use of your new standing desk converter in more effective ways to maximize the health benefits of your investment.

    Our desk converters offer you the health benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without the need to overhaul your own setup. Easily adjustable moving and changing positions leads to better personal health, enabling you to burn more calories and improve circulation throughout your busy workday. The desk converter will raise and lower instantly in seconds, which will make your workday much easier! Our desk convertor is smart and adaptable as it brings great height adjustability at your fingertips compared to using a traditional desk.


    Why should you use a standing desk converter? 

    Sitting is the new smoking. We also know the ill effects smoking has on our health, but sitting for extended periods is just as harmful if not worse. If you sit a lot every day, you also burn fewer calories, which leads to obesity and weight gain. Using a standing desk converter is a great way to negate some of these ill effects.

    Here are some of the benefits:


    1. Reduces back pain

    A large number of adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. However, if you spend a large portion of your day seated, you are more likely to suffer from back pain. If you have been experiencing back pain, using a standing desk converter in Hong Kong could have a positive impact on your overall health. According to a study, standing just for 66 minutes on a workday can cause a 54% reduction in back and neck pain.


    2. Lowers blood sugar levels

    If your blood sugar spikes after a meal, it could be very bad for your health. It is especially worse with Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance. Standing whenever you can instead of sitting can help you become more active, and prevent blood sugar spikes. There have been a ton of studies that show that standing lowers blood sugar levels, especially after a meal. Using a standing desk converter in Hong Kong makes working while standing a lot more comfortable. The best part is you do not need to make any structural changes and it can fit over your normal desk.


    3. Reduces your risk of obesity

    If you burn fewer calories than what you take in, you put on weight. You may exercise regularly, but it is also important to remain active throughout the day. A great way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle is to stand as much as you can instead of sitting. If you sit and work for long hours, try using a standing desk converter in Hong Kong instead. An afternoon of standing can help you burn about 150 or more calories compared to an afternoon of sitting. That’s almost 1000 more calories burnt every week and requires nothing more than a converter.


    4. Lowers your risk of heart disease

    It is widely accepted that if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, sitting for long hours, you are more likely to develop heart disease. Prolonged sitting can increase your risk of heart disease by as much as 147%. Even engaging in an hour of intense exercise every day is not enough to negate the ill effects of sitting for too long. Standing more often is an easy way to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and improve your heart health. Investing in a standing desk converter in Hong Kong is one of the easiest ways to turn your life from a sedentary to an active one.


    5. Low-cost investment

    A standing desk converter is a one-time investment for your health. A few small changes could have a big impact on your overall health. You spend a lot of time working during the day, so might as well start there. Getting a converter can help protect your health, giving you a lifetime of good health.


    What should you look for in a standing desk converter? 

    If you are looking for a standing desk converter in Hong Kong, there are many available choices. To make things easier, here are a few things you should look for:


    1. Configuration

    Converters are available in many different configurations that can help convert your normal desk. A desktop riser is simply a shelf that sits on your current desk allowing you to bring your laptop up to standing level. However, you can only use it at one level, and it is not possible to make any ergonomic adjustments.

    A true converter with a Z-lift offers a great deal of stability. If you want to quickly switch from sitting to standing, these converters allow you to do so with minimal effort. The X-lift is also quite popular and lets you move your converter straight up and down, giving even more stability than the Z-lift.


    2. Height

    Most converters come with an adjustable height mechanism. This is an important factor to consider. If you are tall, you may want to avoid a standing desk converter that has a predetermined height and not enough extension.

    If you use a keyboard, you will also need to consider the height at which the keyboard tray sits. Your converter should allow you to use the monitor at a height that is ergonomic while ensuring that it is comfortable to use the keyboard too.


    3. Size

    Besides the height of your converter, you will also need to consider its size. Of course, this will depend on the size of your desk and to an extent, your personal preference too. Whatever size you pick, ensure that there is enough room for a keyboard, mouse, and your hands.


    4. Stability

    It is very important that the converter you get is extremely stable to keep your computer, mouse, and keyboard safe. If you need to type a lot, then stability becomes even more important. You may want to avoid a converter that shakes and wobbles for your safety as well as your devices.


    5. Ergonomics

    Most people switch over to standing desk converters due to health reasons. However, ergonomics not only benefits your health but also your productivity. The right ergonomics ensure that you are comfortable while working, and your body is not strained or in an awkward posture. When choosing a converter, you want to pick one that allows you to adjust the height of the monitor so that you do not strain your neck. You want to ensure that your converter is as comfortable as possible, so you may want to do some research before buying one.


    6. Weight capacity

    Not many people check the weight capacity of a standing desk converter, but they should. Your converter should be able to carry the weight of all the devices that you would use on a normal workday. This includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and so on. However, do you also need to use two monitors or a monitor and a laptop on some days? If you do, then make sure the converter you get is capable of carrying the additional weight of the other devices.


    7. Special features

    There are many converters available in the market that come with special features. For instance, if you only use a laptop and nothing else, you may want to get a converter that is better suited for a laptop. Some converters also have a special place for your smartphone. Think about all the things that you do on a normal workday, and ensure that your converter has all the features necessary to make your workday comfortable and productive.


    8. Décor

    Everyone would like their office or office space to look homogenous and put together. Thankfully, converters come in a wide range of colour and style options to match the décor of your office. You could choose a colour that matches your existing desk or other furniture in your office.


    Two Main Advantages of a Standing Desk Converter


    1. Budget and Price

    If budget is your concern a converter can be a cost-effective alternative to start standing. The price of a standing desk converter in Hong Kong will definitely cost less than a full standing desk, and on top of this, you will not have the extra costs associated with removing, disposing, or donating your current desk.


    2. Assembly and Installations

    Building your own desk or changing into a new desk is indeed quite time-consuming. An alternative will be a standing desk converter. Not many tools are required to install the desk. And you are set to enjoy the ergonomic functions in a short period of time.

    One of the important features of our converters is that the keyboards are removable. If you are considering using a laptop instead of a desktop, you can easily just unscrew both sides of the unit. You may also consider purchasing a monitor arm: single monitor, dual monitors, triple monitors, or even more at your request to help organize your desk neatly.


    About EKOBOR standing desk converters – FAQs:


    1. What is a standing desk converter? 

    A standing desk converter is an adjustable unit that is placed on top of your existing desk. With a converter, you get all the benefits of a sit stand lifestyle without having to overhaul your existing setup.


    2. How do I install the standing desk converter? 

    Installing the converter is very easy and does not require many tools. You can install it over your current work desk and enjoy the ergonomic functions in no time.


    3. Is it portable?

    Yes, it is quite easy to change the location of your converter. Besides using it on your current work desk, you can also use it on your dining table or kitchen countertop.


    4. Can I use a computer and laptop simultaneously? 

    Yes, you can use multiple devices on a standing desk converter, such as multiple monitors, keyboard, mouse, and laptop. However, if you plan to use multiple devices, you should always check the weight limit of your converter.


    5. Is it safe? 

    Good quality standing desk converters in Hong Kong are very safe for you as well as your devices. When buying a converter, ensure that you get one that is stable, sturdy, and of good quality. Cheap quality converters may not be stable enough and damage your devices.

    If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please do not hesitate to let us know. At EKOBOR, we often receive requests and requirements which we always strive to meet as a team. 

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