Sit Stand/Capisco Office Ergonomic Chairs - ONLINE Code: CAP150 - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture

Sit Stand/Capisco Office Ergonomic Chairs - ONLINE Code: CAP150

9 products
    9 products
    HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    HÅG Capisco 8106 (Fabric) - Thick Cushion - Fabric
    from $10,110.00 Regular price $16,990.00 Save 40%
    Footring - Capisco - Foot rest - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    Footring - Capisco - Foot rest
    from $1,280.00
    Footring - Capisco - Foot rest - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    Footring - Capisco - Foot rest
    from $1,280.00
    (Bar Table) 265mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    (Bar Table) 265mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    (Bar Table) 265mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable
    from $300.00 Regular price $1,000.00 Save 70%
    (Kids) 150mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    (Kids) 150mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable - EKOBOR Ergonomic Furniture
    (Kids) 150mm gas lift for Capisco All Models Suitable
    from $300.00 Regular price $1,000.00 Save 70%
    Capisco 8106 headrest


     Capisco chart

    Why you need a sit stand chair

    With the way our body is built, it can be said that the human body is simply not designed to stay in the same position, like sitting for long hours each day. A healthy body needs an adequate level of movement, flexibility, support in key areas, as well as variation in postures to work well.

    EKOBOR’s renowned office sit stand chair – The Capisco Chair, is designed with this in mind and contributes to the well-being of people and their businesses.

    EKOBOR Capisco Chair 8010 and 8020

    There's a reason our customers call this the most comfortable chair they've purchased. Given that it is a whole new way of sitting but the many faces (or positions) of Flokk's HÅG Capisco Chair is what seating is all about. Taking that productive energy and translating it into great movement and good blood flow through the body.

    Ps. The Flokk HÅG Capisco Chair contains a total of 52% recycled materials (86% recycled plastics and 90% recycled aluminium)...etc, and Flokk is working on making those numbers meet closer to the 100% mark.

    Photo illustrations: Hip rotations, knee angle around 100-130 degrees, feet must be evenly spread (weight distribution is important). So your upper back and lower back feel supported as you are able to maintain the lower back curve neutrally and correctly in this sit stand chair. This position allows you to sustain for long hours sitting with much too much pressure on the lower back.

    A common tip for a healthy office workplace is for people at their workstations to alternate between sitting and standing frequently. Therefore, our sit stand chair product, and also the well-known Capisco Chair, are designed in ergonomic ways to help people become more healthy and efficient in the way they work so that they can be inspired to be at their best each and every day.

    Photo Illustration: Effective full back stretch you can do at the office and home. Be aware of breathing. Breathe in count 5 and breathe out count 5. Slow and Nice. Do it as many times as you want.

    EKOBOR’s philosophy in office ergonomics is simple: The human body needs to be in motion. A key and unique design feature in our products is the Balanced Movement Mechanism™, that not only encourages you to move your body and keep it in motion but is also well-balanced at the same time.


    Capisco's different seating positions. How is this achieved? 

    Before the human body can move effectively, it has to be balanced. As a good starting point for your sitting posture, our ergonomic sit stand chairs have a centrally placed tilting point. Furthermore, the seat and backrest components are linked, so that when you lean back the seat front will rise, which will help stimulate movement in your ankles to retain balance and a good posture. Conversely, the seat front will lower as you lean forward, and these micro-movements will help keep your body in balance and constant motion and maintain a good upright posture and healthy natural spine.

    We call this unique product feature FootControlledMovement ™.


    A balanced movement

    Our office sit stand chairs emphasize “actively balancing”, rather than a suspended balance of the human body. Like our Capisco Chair, the product follows the movement of your body as you lean forwards or backwards, and in turn acts to stimulate the micro-movements in other parts of your body, such as your feet. This helps activate the circulation systems in the lower legs - the peripheral heart in the calf muscles of the user.

    Our range of office seatings products, like our sit stand chair, also keeps you feeling energised, fills you with well-being and lets you concentrate better on your work each and every day.


    What are the benefits of a sit stand chair? 

    Standing is supposed to be healthier than long periods of sitting. However, prolonged standing can also be harmful to your body. Standing helps you remain more active but standing for long periods causes muscular contraction in the back and limbs, causing discomfort and fatigue. You can counter this problem with an ergonomic chair, such as the Capisco Chair.

    Here are some of the benefits:

    1. Prevents pain

    Employees who sit for prolonged periods often suffer from back pain. However, those that have to stand for several hours at a stretch also suffer from discomfort and musculoskeletal disorders. An ergonomic chair such as the Capisco chair can help you balance sitting and standing, allowing you to reap the benefits of standing while avoiding the drawbacks. Standing for long periods puts excessive pressure on your joints and may cause circulation problems in the limbs. Using a sit stand chair can facilitate proper blood circulation while reducing the pressure on your joints. A Capisco chair can help prevent permanent tissue damage to your body.

    2. Reduces fatigue

    When you stand, all the work is mostly done by the muscles in your legs and torso. Without proper circulation, your body becomes similar to a car without fuel. You have sluggish movements. Prolonged sitting could lead to permanent contraction of the back and leg muscles leading to pain and fatigue while walking. You can avoid sitting for long hours and still perform your work well by investing in a Capisco chair.

    3. Maintain better posture

    Bad posture is the main culprit behind backaches and spinal issues. However, a sit stand chair allows you to remain in a semi-seated position, which makes moving between different postures quick and easy. You will also find it easier to alternate between sitting and standing because it requires less effort to stand than when you are fully seated. A Capisco chair is an easy solution to maintain good posture, thereby preventing back issues in the long run.

    4. Improve spinal alignment

    Sitting, especially in a bad posture, could lead to several spinal problems. However, standing in a static position for many hours does no good to your spine either. Employees who are required to work for long hours while standing often block their knees in full extension. It causes an abnormal curve in the lumbar area of the spine, creating bad posture and discomfort. Using a sit stand chair allows employees to maintain proper lumbar curvature, reducing back injury risks.

    5. Improves mobility

    Some tasks may need to be performed on a counter or similar high surfaces. Instead of using high stools for such tasks, a sit stand chair such as the Capisco chair is a much better alternative. Such an ergonomic chair facilitates movement by making it easier to reach stuff. If seated, employees need to flex or twist their torsos to reach items, which is not good for the body.

    How to choose the right sit stand chair for you? 

    Here are a few things to look for:

    1. Lightweight

    Your sit stand chair should be sturdy but lightweight. Such chairs are easy to lift, which makes it easy for you to swap your regular chair for a sit stand chair. However, when choosing a lightweight chair, ensure that it is not flimsy. Durability is very important. A Capisco chair is lightweight but extremely sturdy and durable.

    2. Adjustable

    Your sit stand chair should be height adjustable. Having a height-adjustable chair allows you to use it as a chair or a standing aid, especially if you are also using a standing desk. Ergonomic chairs need to have unique height-adjusting capabilities. Ideally, you would want a chair that can be adjusted from normal desk height to bar height. However, all sit stand chairs may not have such a wide height range. For such a range, your chair needs to have extra support.

    Besides height, your chair should be adjustable in other ways too. It should support your lower back as well as allow you to tilt the headrest and adjust the armrests. Some chairs also have adjustable seat pans, so you can control how far the seat extends under your legs.

    3. Comfortable

    Your chair could have all the latest features, but if it is not comfortable, you may not want to use it much. Whether you are sitting or standing, a comfortable ergonomic chair is a must. Your chair should allow you to incorporate your daily activities without compromising on comfort. A good sit stand chair, such as the Capisco chair, allows for the right hip-torso angle to keep your body in a correct posture all the time. By investing in an ergonomic chair, you can ensure that you put the least amount of stress on your spine and back muscles, regardless of whether you are sitting or standing.


    About EKOBOR’s sit stand & Capisco chairs - FAQs:


    1.    Are sit stand chairs good for your health? 

    Sitting or standing for extended periods can both have detrimental effects on your health. A sit stand chair can help you prevent soreness in your feet, legs, shoulders, and upper back. You can reap similar health benefits as standing, without the pain or discomfort.


    2.    Is the Capisco chair comfortable? 

    Yes, the product is very comfortable as it comes with a saddle seat. You can adjust the seat between low and high working positions, all the way to standing height. You can adjust the seat height, seat depth, and back height, making it very comfortable for work.


    3.    Can you use a Capisco chair for prolonged hours? 

    This ergonomic chair offers great lumbar support, so you can use it for many hours at a time. However, it is always recommended to take frequent breaks so that you do not remain in the same position for many hours.


    4.    Are sit stand chairs stable? 

    Sit stand chairs are designed to facilitate movement. Some chairs will have more movement than others. When choosing a suitable product, you must ensure that the chair is not wobbly. The Capisco chair is incredibly durable and stable, making it the best choice for you.


    5.    Can a sit stand chair be used by everyone? 

    Yes, they can normally be used by everyone, provided you pick one that is height-adjustable. A Capisco chair allows a wide variety of heights and is suitable for tall, short, or people of average height.


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