Your Core explains a lot about your Spine Health

by Kei Chan

Hellooo All, It has been a long time since we have published a post. Wish you all been well recently! 

Today, I would like to want to specify in one topic: Your Core!

Why our Core is so important ?

Simply speaking, a strong core helps us to function properly mainly, better balance and stability, and moreover, a better posture so we perform better in running, sitting, and other types of dynamic and static activities. A strong core also means you have better muscles support and coordination and that's also help to prevent strain on your muscles and injuries.

I used to have really bad upper back and lower back and took me a long time to realise is actually my weak core that's contributing too all these unnecessary pain I had been experiencing and also, sitting down with your legs crossed one on top of another is detrimental to having a bad spine.  

How to strengthen up your Core though?

The most traditional way of doing it is by sit-ups and crunches. But recent studies have found that doing sit-up is actually very bad to your spine also as you might have used your spine and neck as for support instead of your abdomen.  

The way now I strengthen up my core is by doing plank exercises and tiny leg lifts which is a great alternate way of exercising your core without hurting your neck and spine.

I just had a live video earlier today and if you all are interested to know more in details you may visit our facebook page EKOBOR Sweden to learn more about our activities and exercising videos! 


Hope you all have a good day and see you around!!


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