Ushering in a new generation of FitSmart workplace

by Kei Chan

New Swedish start-up EKOBOR brings a whole new dynamic to health and safety in the office

Did you know that in Denmark, over 90% of office workers use a sit-stand desk? If a job requires sitting for 2 or more hours each day at a desk, it is, in fact, required by law for the employer to offer a sit-stand desk.

EKOBOR, taking the meaning of ‘ecological living’ in Swedish, is founded by Kei Chan. During her pregnancy, she was concerned about the wellbeing of her twins. Once she had experienced the sit-stand desk and the UPRIGHT posture corrector, she realized what a profound effect they had on posture and circulation.

Part of the EKPAC Group with over 100 years of history in the healthcare sector, EKOBOR shares this proud Swedish tradition in healthcare specialization. The Company strives to create an international trend of a healthier and more more efficient work environement to prevent illness before they occur.

UPRIGHT is a simple and petite device worn on the upper-back. It features training and tracking modes that connect to a mobile app on devices, allowing the prefix of personalised training programs. With an unobstructive design, it is perfect for correcting ‘screen slouch’, and has a variety of applications for sitting, standing, walking, and even driving.

Among the EKOBOR products, a definite highlight is the Herman Miller grade ergonomic products:  the Austin Sit-Stand Desk series. Made with emphasis on quality, the series features powder coating, providing a strong protective layer that makes the desks resistant to scratches, abrasion, and water. It is also completely free of harmful substances such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), and heavy metals, making them a safe and durable choice for any workforce.

“EKOBOR’s desks have an appealing design and are really well built,” says Clement Chan, Managing Director – Assurance of BDO Limited. “I was sceptical at first but the sit-stand element really boosted my attention and efficiency.”

In terms of design, the Austin? series features a simple, seamless design that makes the sit-stand desk ideal for an open office. Fully customizable in surface, frame color, and wood pattern, the desks operate electronically with 3 different height configurations to suit a variety of poses.  –“Sitting is the new smoking,” says Kei Chan, Founder of EKOBOR. “We would like to help people enhance their overall productivity.  We believe that to truly live a healthier life, dieting and exercising alone is not enough. We simply sit too much!”

“The sit-stand movement is the true crux of any successful ergonomic product,” says Francis Au, Chief Financial Officer of EKPAC. “Sitting and standing every 30 minutes improves blood circulation, therebyincreasing the amount of time we stay focused. It also allows muscles to properly rest, which promotes better posture.”

Sit-stand desks are also at the forefront of promoting long-term health for future generations. Stepping into today’s digital age, children, regardless of socioeconomic status, are logging excessive sitting time either watching TV or playing video games. Sit-stand desks will help develop a healthy habit and posture that will benefit our next generation for life.

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