Transitioning back to Normal Working Hours? WFH - missing it or not?

by Kei Chan

Work from home no doubt has become a new trend since the onset of COVID-19. And this trend has now become a new lifestyle of this era. Nevertheless, it has also been a controversial topic whether WFH is efficient and productive versus working at office (aka 9-5pm).

I have recently heard from some clients that as COVID-19 is more under control now in HK, they are starting to resume back to normal working hours at their primary working location; but also there are increasing number of companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft these giant corporation and moving away from the traditional way of working.

For me? I never really experienced working from home as our nature of business cannot go under this type of working model. And I do not prefer WFH as well as it is seriously difficult to concentrate and work efficiency mainly due to 1) Hong Kong apartments are not spacious and often not in the right set up that you can concentrate. 2) Double the work - If mommy and daddies need to work from home then for sure the children wont be able to go to school.  

As a results, how is that possible to work effectively? probably working double of the hours than working at office alone.  

Zoom calls? if at office, I could have just walked to my colleague's seat and talk to him directly to get things solved than getting on a call. 

Most importantly, The chairs and tables probably will not fit for the correct set-up and ending up with bad backs and neck pains and all sort of physical and psychological stress. My Chinese doctor told me that she has much more clients now visiting her due to suffering back and neck pains from work.

All these pain comes out of a sudden without a reminder like "hey, i am coming to you now, you will feel the pain in 30 minutes so you better get ready for me!!"

No, that's not the case, when it comes to you, you will be frustrated and eager to solve it like right away to get that pain out of your body! However, once you do really start feeling these achy feelings and discomfort, it usually will start coming back on and off even you improve. And this recurring pain is not something you would want to deal with in the long run.

Many clients got this awareness due to this WFH experience and it is not a bad thing afternoon. Maybe you should start looking into your sitting and standing posture when you feel is not too serious yet. Start learning how to sit correctly and standing correctly, do the right exercises to relieve and of course, get a chair and table that fit your height and your stature. If you do not know how, visit an ergonomic furniture shop and get some free advice from them.  For sure and no doubt, little advertising here, EKOBOR will be here to give you that free advise. All you need is to call us and we will be there to help.

Take Good care =)

Kei Kei

Office Ergonomic Specialist

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