Move Little but Often

by Kei Chan

Pregnancy Journey: Both Exciting.. and Worrying


First time. So excited to hear the news. The next thought, Is the fetus stable? How should I eat to give the best to him? Anything I should NOT be eating that might cause miscarriages? How can I eat and not gain weight? What exercises should I do and cannot do? Lots of thoughts coming through.


So I had 2 babies in me with a height at 1.5cm (petite). I gave birth full term 37 weeks caesarean. The boy was 6.5 pounds and the girl was 5.5 pounds. People are like, “ wow, at your height?” So, here is what I learnt.


Move little but Often


So basically what I learnt throughout this pregnancy was the concept of “moving more.”

Even I used to exercise regularly when it comes to pregnancy it was never enough if you are a professional who is working 8 hours a day in front of the computer. And I felt sitting too much was giving a lot of pressure on them where blood and nutrients could not attend them thoroughly. Indeed, you cannot expect your blood flow to be circulating well if you are not even moving (except your fingers, haha!)


The concept is not difficult but it requires YOU to implement it and do it.

Yes, yes and yes. MOVE LITTLE BUT OFTEN (Standing Desk is a good option) 30 mins of standing and 30 mins of sitting! This is the key in letting your muscles keep working to hold up your posture and also to keep the blood flowing so you feel less tired!



Kei Kei


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