Why Monitor Arm is important at Work?

by Kei Chan

Have a look at the scenarios below and see if you find it familiar:


  1. Too many things yet too little space on the desk, it’s messy and it’s always full of files and documents.
  2. Reflected sunlight making it hard to see what is on the screen.
  3. The monitor isn’t at the right height for you, nor the angle and distance are suitable for you. Your overall posture is awkward, you hunch your back, crane your neck, which leads to musculoskeletal disorders overtime.
  4. You feel tired and in pain, couldn’t focus on work.


This is where an adjustable monitor arm is key. Not only it saves desk space and streamline the work area giving the monitor the appearance that it is “floating”, Most importantly, the user can adjust the height, distance and the angle of their monitor, which means that they can adjust their technology to their own unique requirements, reducing the occurrence of eye, neck and back pain.


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