Good Posture Brings Good Health – This is Very True

by Kei Chan

Though I might not have the statistic on hand at this moment to convince you, I am sure you will not  deny the fact at some point in your professional career, you did experience some kind of soreness, achiness, and  maybe numbness to your arms, neck, lower back and lower limbs.

And these are all caused by our “poor” posture.

Since the beginning of the covid pandemic, working professionals inevitably had to face a dramatic change in how they work.   Forced to work from home, the computer desk they use regularly might not be the same tools/ solutions they have at the office, perhaps even the usual break time they have or the usual daily routine they have always been practicing become different, we are forced to adapt to a new working habit and a remote environment all of a sudden. These rapid changes have become a challenge as most families might not have the right work table or office chairs at home that are fit for work at that moment when the policy changes.

Postural problems, pain have increased as a friend of mine who is a Chinese Doctor told me that many clients are visiting for treating back or neck pain problems. Thus, this piece of information confirms how important posture maintenance is.   We might loose your good posture the next day if we are not conscious on how we move! That includes sitting, standing, reading, typing or even writing.

Office ergonomics simply speaking is about learning how to have a good posture. And having a good posture while working with technologies, we need helpful and suitable tools to supplement, which is where Standing Desk, Ergonomic Chairs and Monitor Arms..etc comes in. There is “no one size fits all,” each of us have our own anthropometrics measures in fitting to the right measurement for our chairs height, work-surface height, keyboard height, and monitor placement.


And that’s why EKOBOR Team is here! Our role is to help you to find out what fits you. A cheap with all functions chair doesn’t mean it fits you, neither does a pretty designed or famous branded one. As a famous saying by a designer Peter Opsvik once quoted, “The best posture is the next posture.” The Key: be dynamic in the way you sit and work. Make sitting less passive and move more is what will help you to have a better health. Sedentary sitting will always lead to muscle imbalance as we grow unconscious to how we sit when we became zoomed in to our work.

So spend some time paying attention to your posture, spend sometime to exercise and stretch more during your working hours. Make time for it and this will be a long term solution to a better health at the end.


Kei Kei

Your Office Ergonomist 

Prevention Is The Cure

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