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【安心工作間】3招企業如何締造健康工作文化 | 3 Ways To Create A Health And Wellness Program At Work

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白領花不少時間坐在辦公桌前工作。我們每天平均花9小時坐在電腦面前工作。缺乏運動導致缺乏能量,專注力和生產力,同時讓同事工作時感到疲倦。為了提高同事們的工作效率,可考慮購買Ekobor人工力學升降桌HÅG Capisco騎馬椅


HÅG Capisco座椅設計靈感來自於馬鞍,是款動態座椅,充滿靈活性,讓同事們按需要交替不同坐姿。




Employee wellness programs become a staple in many western companies. It keeps the top talents healthy, happy and productive. The elements of organizing a robust health and wellness program are to encourage employees to engage the program, keep them moving while enjoying the program.

Here are some of the best tips and ideas in promoting health and wellness in the workplace.

Create a Company Culture of Active Movement

Wellness initiatives are more than just offering an exercise program or distributing healthy snacks. It also promotes the culture of active breaks or walking. Employers can start their active movement campaigns without incurring much cost. Ideas can be as simple as advocating active breaks or standing at work. Coworkers can set their alarm clock and remind themselves to stand up at work or take a short break. Sedentary working was believed to have caused chronic illness, weight gain, chronic pain and even depression. The human body needs movement to stay healthy!

Encourage Employees to Work While Standing


We spend lots of time sitting in front of the desk. According to a recent survey, we spend 9 hours at least sitting down on average. Lack of movement contributes to a lack of energy, focus and productivity. In order to improve your team energy level, why not invest in Ekobor standing desk and HÅG Capisco Office chairs.

Ekobor offers a wide range of the height-adjustable desks with drawers. The ergonomics tables perfectly fit for busy individuals who prefer keeping their standing desk neat and tidy all the time.

The Capisco chairs enhance your overall posture and work performance. Inspired by the horseman's saddle and sitting posture, HÅG Capisco allow you and your employee to sit in different positions that suit your need.

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Create a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness according to positive psychology research. Showing your gratitude can make your employee happier. An employee also has a stronger immune system. Showing appreciation can promote a productive work environment. In order to encourage the culture of expressing gratitude, you can start by creating a gratitude board where people can give a shout out for their work, or simply encouraging people to send thank you notes or email to their co-workers.




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