What is Lumbar support? It is crucial to healthy working!

by Kei Chan

What is Lumbar support? It is crucial to healthy working! 

The lumbar region is the lower part of the spine consisting of 5 vertebrae (L1 to L5)  situated between the diaphragm and the sacrum. With improper posture and equipment, this region becomes strained as pressure mainly builds up here and will cause back pains or even injuries. When slouching, the lower back becomes an outward curve instead of the natural inward curve, putting tension in the lower vertebrae (L4 and L5).

Many chairs may have non-adjustable lumbar support which can prove to be detrimental as the correct height and depth of lumbar support will be different for every person and this is important when considering the correct chair to use. Instead, chairs will adjustable support are preferable, focusing on three aspects:

  1. Height - How high the support is
  2. Depth - How far the support stands out
  3. Firmness - How hard the support is

The HÅG SoFi includes an adjustable lumbar support on a ratchet system

Without this support, good posture is difficult to maintain in long working environments, forcing your body to work harder and over time, the muscles holding your spine become weak. Make sure to prevent this and the possible injury that could incur. 

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