We also care about children's health!

by Kei Chan

As a mother of two, I care about my kids' health. Standing is always good for children's health. Just simply buy them a standing desk!

Children obesity problem has been an issue for many years, how to combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity among kids? Stop them from sitting for more than 8 hours a day? Yes. We should encourage them to stand more! There are health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles. Standing desk is a tool to help them perform better academically, burn calories and minimize orthopedic problems and disease, when they move more, they will feel happier and energetic. 

With reference to Standupkids campaign, there are a lot of health benefits of standing. Reduce BMI by 5.6% compared to sitting, burn 15-25% more calories at standing desks, prevent orthopedic degradation & dysfunction including back and neck pain, repetitive stress injuries, pelvic floor dysfunction, and knee & hip disorders. They are more engaged in standing classroom as well.

We all want our kids to have good academic results, force them sit all day long for revision? No, they don't have to sit, standing is the best choice for better health and academic results! They can move around, become energetic and more focus on their work with standing desk. 

Source: http://standupkids.org/


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