Throw back : How EKOBOR got started?

by Kei Chan

Throw back : August 1st 2016

Today is our Founder Kei Kei 5th year wedding anniversary:)

❤️Some sharing from her:

I got married five years ago, recalling that evening was with a Historical Typhoon 10. Very thankful as pretty much the venue was fully seated.

The decision to start a family was never an easy one as it takes a lot of commitment and hard work to nurture the relationship; Nevertheless, It had been a rewarding one as well I might say.

EKOBOR has not been born nor the twins. Austin and Angelina and EKOBOR came at the same time in year 2017. Definitely credit goes to the twins ,the ten months pain and cesarean I went through(🙈) , which inspired me to initiate this adventure.

Through series of trial and error and lots of studies and most importantly, teamwork (though small but a dedicated and passionate one) that keep this Baby alive.

Thus, we will continue to grow together in knowledge and in passion and maturity. And perhaps the same theory applies to marriage too. 🙂


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