Standing desk is a wise investment for employer

by Kei Chan

Return on investment

Study by Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health shows that employees are 46% more productive when they use height adjustable desk, as employees’ well-being and health are improved. This is definitely the wisest investment for improving company overall performance, thanks to the bump in employee productivity, companies will be earning $3-7 return on investment for every $1 spend on ergonomic office furniture.

Office trend

Height adjustable desk is becoming an office trend for many years, in 2015, Denmark has passed a law making sit-stand desks a legal requirement, over 90% of office workers have sit-stand desk, if a job requires workers to sit 2 or more hours each day at a desk, it must be a sit-stand desk. Companies like Facebook and Google have provided standing desks for their employees, as part of the employee wellness program, Facebook employees started to use standing desk since 2011.

In these days, more and more companies provide standing desk as a way to improve employee well-being, health and increase productivity. In the past 5 years, number of employers offering sit-stand workstation for employees increased by over 30%.

Boost productivity and improve health

Do you know sitting inhibits blood circulation? Sitting for 12 hours a day will bring negative impact to your health. We need to alternate between sitting and standing for every 30 minutes, standing can stimulate circulation and send more oxygen and nutrients to brain, thus boost employee’s brain power for creativity. 71% employees who reduced their time of sitting by only 1 hour a day, reported improved mental focus throughout the day, they will get more focused on their work, and therefore most of them work more efficient.

Standing at work also increase employee’s overall energy level. 87% of employees using sit-stand workstation reported feeling more energetic, it keeps energy levels stable and prevent mid-afternoon slump. Other than improving their working performance, standing also bring back health to employees by reducing the risk of back pain, chronic headaches, obesity, joint pain problems brought by prolonged sitting.

A small step of replacing standard desks by height adjustable desk can bring huge return on investment for your company!

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