No more sitting all the time at school!

by Creativeworks Group

We have all been through the period at school, that we always hear teachers saying 'Sit Down'! Only naughty students will be requested to 'Stand up' as a kind of punishment! But now, things changed. We should forget about the 'Sit Down' and start to 'Stand Up'! Sit less and stand more will be the trend at school, no more sitting for 7 hours! Why not stand up to learn? Students can be more active in class!

Not saying that students should stand all the time at school, they can always alternate between seated and standing posture. All they need is height adjustable desk, each of them can adjust the height accordingly. Kids need to move, but often at school, they were told to stop moving, sit still, sit up, pay attention, but then, offering them with standing desks, they can have just enough movement and focus their mental energy at class, this also helps improve teaching quality. 

"If we can get in and start changing ... behaviors in children ... standing will become the norm, so when these individuals then go into the workplace, they'll hopefully expect similar furniture and will be reducing their overall sitting time, which hopefully should then have long-term benefits to health." 

Standing desk is a good investment on health, why not join us now?

Source: CNN





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