No more sedentary work life!

by Kei Chan

We always advocate for standing up for your health, a lot of research shows that a sedentary lifestyle or long periods sitting over time can jeopardize your health, long time sitting lifestyle can be linked to health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and premature death, even if you exercise regularly. Even if you go to gym, if you sit for 8 hours at work, you might still encounter these health issues. When you sit for a long period of time, your body stops working as effectively as it can.

Major effects of a sedentary work life

  • Limb problems: Loss of muscle mass, loss of flexibility, carpal tunnel syndrome and hand/wrist tendinitis
  • Posture problems: Loss of flexibility, rotator cuff disease, pulmonary disease and chronic pain in the neck, shoulder, back or hand
  • Back problems: Thoracic outlet syndrome, ruptured disks and pulled or strained muscles

Prolonged periods of sitting will lead to high risk of early mortality for office workers. To reduce the risks of having health problems, healthy eating and exercise are the best antidotes for a sedentary lifestyle. Many people realized they got back pain issue when they sit for too long. So here are some practical healthy tips to improve your health.

  1. Standing desks are always your best option at workplace. It’s always important to alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day, sitting or standing too much can lead to serious back pain problems over time. ½ time of standing and sitting for every hour
  2. Taking the stairs between meetings or taking breaks to walk the stairs for a few minutes
  3. Stretch at your desk every 30 minutes
  4. Walking to work or taking the long way to the train or bus stop

Let’s stay fit at work!


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