Is your New Year resolution is to become healthier ?

by Kei Chan

I am sure the answer is YES! We are all eager to make changes but we want to make them without any effort, investment, cost, sacrifice and our health can suddenly improve itself.

We all have a new year resolution is “I want to be healthier this year,” “I must sleep earlier this year before 12am.” …. And the wish list goes on! And days by days, Weeks, months and then is the end of the year. 

The beauty of the healthy image stays in the mind and thus with this image we keep telling yourself we need to sit better, slouch less, move more, eat healthier, sleep more..etc. 

What triggers you to take actions then? When you really get sick usually you found the urgency to make the change immediately because of fear of getting worse or became incurable.

Have you ever asked yourself why your effort is not sustainable or why you keep procrastinating? Too busy ? No time..too tired ?

The science behind procrastination is not just the lack of willpower but because of stress, mainly, fear of not able to maintain and sense of failure that you do not want to experience. Enough stress and why add more ? You think to yourself, you might find a day when “I feel like doing it.” But you may know, this day might never come. Whenever something that requires effort actually you will never feel like doing it.

At the end the slight push is all you need. you need to be able to figure out the consequence of not making this tiny change of habit versus the long term consequences you might face. This tiny change of habit can be as short as 1minute of jumping rope skipping or 10 push up .. whatever it is. Start small but do it and be consistent when you start feeling the success that you are able to achieve small goals you will be more eager to do more. And it works !

Most important is, you willing to start. You keep slouching and is giving you back pain ? Start training your back muscles today by exercising/ stretching just 1 minute daily ! You will feel the difference in your level of motivations very soon!

Wish you all a great 2022 ahead!

Kei Kei

Founder of EKOBOR


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