COSTS Vs SUITABILITY: Is your work furniture helping or failing you?

by Kei Chan

COSTS Vs SUITABILITY: Is your work furniture helping or failing you?

Very often procurement decisions are often swayed by the outlook/aesthetics and cost rather than functionality, and that often leads to serious and costly problems for staffs.  

There was a financial organisation that had bought new chairs that matched the interior of their office but were too big for their staff who had to use them and as a result their postures were compromised.

Maximising potential and minimise risk

Ergonomics is originated in World War II as a formal discipline as many systems and products had been designed without consideration of human and environmental factors and as a result failed to be a safe and/or effective. 

Simply speaking, Ergonomics is about the person, the task, the systems and equipment and the work environment and as an employer or facilitates/ office managers, their role is to help identify the best ways of working to maximise potential and minimise risk to the individual.

Psychological and fundamental factors

At work, what matters to all of us is : to be EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE and HAPPY! These are psychological and fundamental factors that could be affected greatly by the furniture we are using as we spend so much time with them at work. Thus, getting the right piece of furniture for yourself can definitely help achieve maximum efficiency while ensuring the well-being of yourself or your staff.

Definitely,Sit-stand Desk and a suitable ergonomic chair for yourself are the most important tools to get started on your journey to enhancing your overall well-being.

Is never too late to start now. 

Prevention is TheCure.


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