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如何提升兒童學習效率 How To Promote Effective Learning In Early Years

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What will you do if you find your children have a hard time to keep a single piece of information in mind? For example, your kids spend a whole night to study the English Vocabulary and then your kids say they can’t remember an English vocab the next day? If this is the case, your kids need to improve their working memory.

Working memory refers to the short-term memory. If the skill improves, it helps your children follow multi-step directions or solve a math problem in their heads.

You can help your children improve their memory by building some working memory boosters into his daily life. Here’re some of the tips,

Work on visualization skills

You can guide your children to come up with mental pictures of what they’ve just read or heard. You can tell your kids to read pictures or articles, create pictures in their minds and tell you what the pictures are about like. You can also ask them to draw pictures for you. Through visualization, you can help them work on visualization skills.

Ask your children to teach you

You can ask your children to illustrate what to do and how to do something related to making sense of information and mentally filing it. The learning process can help them work on the information right away instead of waiting to be called on.

Sit up straight

There are several reasons to maintain good posture, which can benefit a person's body and mind. When your children sit up straight, children appear taller and feel better about themselves. They are benefit from thinking positive in general or keep their good mood, so as to improve their learning efficiency. According to recent survey, slouchier postures make people less confident and less competent to others, leading to learning inefficiency.

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Photo Source : Unsplash.com

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