How to make use of the proper chair you just purchased for yourself?

by Kei Chan

Hello Everyone! Is Kei Kei here again! =)

Probably you have purchased a nice chair for yourself or your company employees, or maybe you are thinking whether you should get one or not. Is ok! regardless what your decisions are it is important to utilise the chair you have in a healthy way right? =)


Now that you have the proper chair, you need to use it properly: 

1/ Both feet should be flat on floor which helps organize the spine upward.

2/ Legs not crossed (helps protect pelvis).

3/ Knees should be lower than hip sockets (takes strain off lower back). 

4/ Pelvis should not be rolled back and creating a C lumbar curve. 

5/ Spine should retain natural curves, but appear straight overall (ears over shoulder, shoulder over hip).

6/ Chest should be open for better breathing and digestions rather than collapsing.

7/ Eyes should be able to look at work or people within a 15 degree zone, not forced to look too far up or down.


Photo Reference: Sofi Mesh 7500 by Flokk 

Sofi is the New Comfy 

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