11 Tips for staying healthy at office

by Creativeworks Group

We all need active working culture at office, according to international research evidence, it is believed that excessive and prolonged sitting can lead to increased risk of various health problems. Heart disease, diabetes, mental health, cancers, backache, thrombosis, obesity, muscle degeneration, etc. Not everyone realize these, but sitting for 10 hours each day at office is slowly killing us. How to stay active and healthy at work? By staying active at work, you don't need to rely on coffee or snacks to stay awake and you will definitely become more productive!!

  1. Try to get key leadership support within your organisation. Start your own campaign. It works!
  2. Educate your colleagues about the dangers of prolonged and excessive sitting.
  3. Create an environment that is supportive of change.
  4. Keep moving around. Take frequent breaks.
  5. Take phone calls standing up, this also boosts confidence and voice quality.
  6. Try removing tables and chairs from meeting rooms. This leads to shorter meetings.
  7. Take the stairs instead of the lift.
  8. Walk to a colleague's desk, instead of emailing.
  9. Stand during presentations or speeches.
  10. Try taking a “Walking Meeting”.
  11. Try a Sit-Stand desk.

Not only using a standing desk helps, there are still other approaches to stay active at work, join us to stay healthy at work!

Source: Active Working. http://activeworking.com/top_tips

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