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【完美坐姿有妙法】保持完美坐姿,點止坐直甘簡單💪 - This is Why you have Bad Posture and how you can Fix IT!

by Kei Chan


來自北歐的EKOBOR Capisco Puls 馬鞍椅‎ , 能輕鬆調較椅背的高度、角度和曲面,保持上半身的平穩,減低腰部的勞損 。立即體驗:https://bit.ly/2WIRvv2


Credit to MBGMovement: https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles


What is "bad posture"?

I've always thought of bad posture as slouched shoulders and a caved in chest, but as Dr. Kostyukovsky says, it's much more than that. "Posture is all about alignment. Our skeletal system is the base for our muscular system, and correct posture is ideal alignment of our bones so that our muscles can act most efficiently."

In other words, when our bones are aligned, the right muscles are activated, which allows us to sit up straight. Being in, or "having," good posture means that we're maintaining the natural curvatures in our spine and activating the muscles that keep us upright—which, in turn, puts less stress on our bodies. 

No, it's not just about pulling your shoulders back.

In fact, that's some of the worst advice you can give someone trying to fix their posture. "If you tell someone to stand up straight or sit up straight, they automatically just throw their shoulders back and stick their chest out," Dr. Kostyukovsky says. "That's not the proper way to correct your posture."

"It's all about maintaining those curves in your spine—in our neck and upper back and our lower back/lumbar spine." To do this, she recommends getting a chair that has lumbar support built-in, buying a lumbar support cushion, or simply rolling up a towel and placing it under your lower back while you sit in your chair. Easy enough, right?

Have you ever seen a horse rider with poor posture? Never been so. CAPISCO is designed around the concept of a horse back rider.

By the mid 1970’s HÅG had begun to explore new and radical ideas about the way we sit. These notions revolved around the premise that humans are not designed to sit still. As a result, we strived to incorporate more movement as a natural way of sitting.  

Today HÅG Capisco contains a total of 52% recycled materials (86% recycled plastics and 90% recycled aluminium), as well as an array of recycled or sustainable fabrics including renewable Norwegian wool. 

This chair could be the solution you been looking for to resolve your back pain and poor posture issues!


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