Why EKOBOR is your best sit-stand solution adviser?

  1. SHARP Focus
    As the ONLY local brand specializing in SIT to STAND solution, we are always on standby to provide guaranteed products and services with immense effort.

  2. WELL Expert
    Our comprehensive wellness knowledge and extensive experiences over 10 years in full ergonomic solutions make us an expert to provide professional services including consultation, education and training.

  3. TOTAL Solution
    From interior design to ergonomic office furniture, our one-stop service equips your ideal healthy workplace with our best fits.

  4. ASSURED Quality
    In cooperation with leading ergonomic solution companies with long history in Scandinavia, we offer quality products that passed through European Lab tests with acceptable price.

  5. ECO-FRIENDLY Materials

    Environment and your health are the center of our brand, so we choose sustainable and recyclable materials that are 100% chemicals free.

  6. POSITIVE Impact
    In the process of evolving social innovation, we promote a workplace culture of balancing health and productivity by providing various of innovative and flexible ergonomic products.