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Why EKOBOR is your chosen adjustable desk vendor?

EKOBOR Standing Desk and Chairs Scope of Services

Customization - We select high quality and eco-friend table top material for your standing desks, sit-to-stand desks, we aim to optimize your working efficiency through our electrical standing desks, equipped with ultra-silent motor with build-in safety and anti-collision mechanism. 

Important to note : All our desks have passed through European Lab tests and went through a 50,000 up and down cycles. Stability and durability guaranteed. Our electrical adjustable tables can load more than 100KG weight with a memory preset control panel so you do not need to adjust it every time you get to your desk in especially when you are in a hurry in the morning 

100% Chemical Free Color Options and wood color options are also available! Formaldehyde can be damaging to health in the long run. And is important to note that we choose the best eco friendly materials for you.


Our Standing Desk tabletop can be customized from length 900 to 1800 mm and width 600 to 800mm. If you request a larger size we can offer extended and electrical version Sit-to-Stand desk frame as well. If you looking for specific size and colors  no problem, we can arrange that for you as well.

Ergonomic environment Workplace Planning Service*


Ergonomic office Design for Standing Desks

*based on floor plan provided by client

EKOBOR Sweden has our own internal product and interior design team where we can help you to consolidate your ideas and realize them. Our standing desks designs are definitely one of the many kinds as we carefully select the desk top materials. Feel confident  when you use our electrical standing desks or Sit-stand desks you will feel energized, healthier, more confident and professional. 

Imagine yourself hiring a personal interior designer without the need to pay for extra fees. We can come to your office or home to do the measurement for you and provide you with the layout you desire. You No longer need multiple parties whether is contractor, layout designers, furniture suppliers  to help you with your renovation. All you need is EKOBOR and we are going to solve the hassles for you. 



Free Value-Added Services - EKOBOR Standing Desks Care

Coaching Guidance

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