Terms and Conditions

Outlying areas delivery and installations extra charges:

1) Ma Wan HKD200

2) Discovery Bay HKD300

3) Lamma Island : to be confirmed

4) Tung Chung : HKD150 

**Staircase: HKD100 per floor, (10 staircases = 1 floor)

**Delivery Time: Usually within 7 working days, colleagues will schedule with the client directly.

**If there are any changes to the delivery date must inform us before 5 working days otherwise, HKD250 will be applied for the ad-hoc changes made. 

確認訂單前, 請詳細閱讀以下保用條款及細則:

Please carefully review the following warranty terms and conditions before placing your order.

  1. 保用期內, EKOBOR ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED (下稱「本公司」)為以下列明的產品範圍提供免費維修服務(不另外收費)。

Within the warranty period, EKOBOR ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED, (hereafter referred to as “the Company”) provides free maintenance and repair services for the following products with the coverage as specified in the table below (at no extra costs). 



Cover Period涵蓋時期

Electronic Adjustable Desk*


Motor & Control Panel only (Frame not included)


10 Years


Pneumatic Height Adjustable Desk


Pneumatic lift only


1 Year

1 年

Flokk Chairs (HAG and RH) (Type 1)

北歐Flokk人體功學椅  (HAG and RH) (款式 1)

All Parts


10 Years


Other Chairs (exclude Flokk brand) (Type 2)

其他椅(不包括北歐Flokk品牌) (款式 2)

Gaslift and castors


1 Year


Electronic Desk riser


Motor & Control Panel only (Frame not included)

摩打及控制面板 (不包括腳架)

1 Year


Monitor arm


Gas Spring only


1 Year




All Parts


1 Year



*購買日起計第1至第5年內, 保養包括上門檢查及所需零件的更換, 購買日起第6至第10年的保養範圍包括免費上門檢查, 如需要更換零件, 將另外收費。

Within the first 5 years starting from the purchase date, servicing includes in-home checking and repairing with parts needed. Starting from the 6th  year, the servicing includes only the in-home checking, and the parts required for the replacements will be charged for.


保用期由銷售發票日期開始計算。 客戶必須出示由本公司發出的有效銷售發票/收據以核實產品保用期及範圍。  經本公司證實是在正常使用情況下發生的損壞或故障, 本公司會書面確認并通知客戶安排維修服務。

Warranty starts from the purchase date on the invoice. Customers must present valid sales invoice/receipts to validate the warranty period and the coverage. If the Company verifies that the damages occur in the normal use situation, the Company will issue a written confirmation to the client and would arrange servicing accordingly. 


  1. 基於以下條件, 產品無法獲得保修:

Warranty does not apply under the following conditions:


  1. 不依照說明書指示操作使用做成的損壞

Misuse by not following the instructions properly.


  1. 基於任何原因(包括意外或人為), 正常的損耗、割痕、刮痕、不當的屈折、或因撞擊、意外引致的損壞。

Any accidental, normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, abnormal bending, damage caused by impacts or accidents;


  1. 產品曾以不正確的方式貯存或組裝、經不適當 地使用、濫用、誤用、更改用途、或以不當的清潔方式或清潔劑處理

Products has been stored/installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products;


  1. 自行拆卸或自行更換修理非我司的原裝配件所產生的問題以及故障

Unauthorized repairing or modification done to the product with the parts not provided by the Company.


  1. 因輸入不適當的電壓造成的損壞

Improper voltage supply.


  1. 因不可抗力造成的損壞, 如火災, 水災, 地震, 雷電, 颶風等自然災害。

Damages caused by acts of nature or natural disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquake, lightning, typhoons and other natural disasters.


  1. 產品因受到任何外在因素而損毀,例如陽光下曝曬、濕氣、灰塵、塵蟎等引致的問題;

Damages caused by external factors such as exposure to the sun, dampness, dust or mites etc;


  1. 對非產品本身的質量問題的挑剔心理, 如顏色, 外觀, 形狀不滿意等。

Dissatisfaction on the product other than its quality, e.g. product color, outlook, shape, etc.


  1. 同時, 本公司不負責承擔因本產品問題造成的其他間接損失, 花費以及附帶的損害, 包括不限於通訊損失, 人工損失, 預期利益損失等。

At the same time, the Company is not liable for any indirect loss, cost or consequential damages caused by the quality problem of the product, including but not limited to loss of data, loss of labor, and loss of expected financial benefits etc.





Terms and Conditions


  1. 產品放在高溫或潮濕的位置, 或浸入水中造成的損壞。

Damages by storing the product in a hot or humid location, or by submerging the product (water, coffee, beverage and etc.)


  1. 客戶未能提供產品有效的購買憑證, 發票, 收據等。

Customers could not present their sales receipt with valid warranty label.



  1. 不包括隨產品本身附上的贈品或配件

Accessories or gifts are not covered by this Warranty.


  1. 本公司保養服務包括在保養期內正常使用情況下之零件故障, 如因所須零件停產, 缺貨或其他原因導致無法維修或即時更換, 本公司有權以同


If the Company cannot source the parts that are needed for the repairs of the damages caused under normal use situation due to discontinuation of the production,  shortage of stocks, or any other reasons, and therefore cannot provide the servicing with the original parts promptly, the Company reserves the right to replace with the parts of similar quality as the original ones. The replaced parts will not be returned to the customers.


  1. 在任何情況下, 本公司或關聯公司或任何員工將不會承擔任何因產品損壞所導致不能使用產品或因更換新型號而衍生間接或直接導致客人的

損失, 包括客人利潤的損失或客人經營損失或影響客人身體的健康等。

In any case, the Company, its affiliated entities and their employees shall not be liable for any indirect, punitive or consequential losses

caused by the clients’ inability of using the products due to the damages or malfunction of the products, or the direct or the indirect losses

caused by the change of the products models including the clients financial losses and/or any negative impact on their health.


  1. 本公司的所有升降桌均不建議安裝桌腳滾輪,如客戶要求安裝,而升降桌出現移動不平的情況或因此而損耗產品,本公司不接受此原因的


Our company does not recommend to install table-leg rollers on all adjustable tables.In case the customer request to install it and result to uneven table surface during movement,  or the product is worn-out after installation, our company declared that such situation is out of our scope for warranty and cannot provide any maintenance service.


  1. 保修條款申明:


           The Company reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.


  1. 產品品質處理問題

部份產品表面有可能於製造過程中出現少量微粒或雜質, 這屬於正常現象, 不會影響正常使用。此現象如不多於3點及每點不超過2毫米, 基於環保原則, 本公司將不會作出更換或退款。任何產品品質問題, 本公司保留最終決定權。

In normal manufacturing process, a small amount of stains or impurities may appear on the surface of the product. This is the normal phenomenon and will not affect normal use. If the stain or impurity does not exceed 3 points and each point does not exceed 2mm, based on environmental protection principles, the company will not make replacements or refunds.  The company reserves the rights of final decision on product quality

    4. 如果客戶因個人原因要求退款或由於我們的促銷定價策略而要求退款再購買的話。請注意,將產手續費 10%總購買數會被扣除。

If clients request refund due to personal reasons and due to our promotion pricing strategy. Please do note that 10% of the total amount of administration charges will be incurred.

如本英文譯本與中文版本有歧異之處, 均以中文版本為準。

Should there be any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


如有疑問, 本公司保留最終解釋決定權。

The Company reserves the rights of final interpretation of the terms and conditions of this Warranty and interpretations of the terms and conditions.