Chronic Back Pain can cause Depression and Anxiety Disorders AND vice versa

by Kei Chan

9 out of 10 person will experience some sort of low back pain no matter how healthy you are eating or how well you exercise in a regular basis.

Back pain can be really annoying and disturbing and stressful as well as interruptive to one's daily activities! No matter how you stretch, and those endless chiropractor visits;  at some point it seems like the pain has become even worse and stressful, leading to symtoms of depression and anxiety disorder. 

I cannot stress how important how the mind faces when back pain occurs, of which the treatment plan and preventive plan place a significant role in the "pain-free" treatment planning for the longer run. How we deal with such pain without letting it controls your mind is also something we need to be consciously aware of. Chronic Pain can eventually leads to fear and avoidance of doing healthy acitivites too if not being taken care of seriously.

No one likes pain and tensions, and frankly speaking, it does feel very disturbing though it is not something so serious like cancer but when there is back pain you get so frustrated and so upset that you just want it to be gone NOW, and this is something you can prevent early stage as young as a little child! Thus, it is so important to start incorproating yourself with ergonomic concepts and start applying them in your lifestyle!

Prevention Is the Cure!