Why is standing desk important to me?

by Kei Chan

After getting in touch with more and more customers, I found that not many people know how's the experience of using standing desk and you might also question a lot about it. To be honest, I don't know much about it before as well. So, today I would like to share my own experience of using standing desk.

Before using height adjustable desks, I always need to sit all day long at office from 9 to 6, which makes me sleepy and unproductive. In order to focus on my work, I have to rely on coffee or tea, which is not so good for my health, I got headache because of the overuse of caffeine. By the time I realize my spine problems caused during my pregnancy carry a pair of twins and sedentary lifestyle at work, I try to figure out a way to stop this from happening, what about investing in the desk and chair that I use all the time?

I started to look into research about ergonomics workstation on Google, I found that height adjustable table is the best solution to curb with my problem. By alternating between sitting and standing, I found that I am more energetic and productive at work. I can really stay fit at work too. Everyone experiences how sleepy it is when you need to sit at office to work after lunch right? Now, I don't have this problem, because I always stand for a while after lunch, no more big belly and no need to spend extra time to go to gym after work. Standing helps burn calories, 54 calories are burnt for a 6-hour day of standing, you can lose weight at work!

Let's build it as a habit, try to switch your work position of sitting and standing. Start to invest in your health, there is no harm of using a height adjustable table, why not give a try?