We use 100% VOC free materials!

by Creativeworks Group

When people choose which standing desk to buy, they consider the brand, price, durability, design, or materials, etc...Oh wait, why do they care about the materials? Some people do care about the materials used for producing the standing desk. They choose EKOBOR not just because of our Swedish brand background, affordable price with high durability or stylish Scandinavian design. They also choose us because of the powder coating technique, VOCs, chemical free materials, that are being used for production of EKOBOR standing desk. Our standing desk is 100% eco-friendly, we care about the environment!

Customers these days are aware of the true impact of painting on the environment, why is ZERO VOCs important? VOC is a general term referring to any organic substance with an initial boiling point less than or equal to 250 degrees Centigrade, that can be released from the paint into the air and thus may cause atmospheric pollution (European Union definition). VOC is definitely harmful to the environment, of course, some companies are able to offer more competitive price because of the harmful materials used with lower production cost, EKOBOR does not want to pollute our environment, we want to use the VOC-free paint to keep minimal impact on the environment.

Being environmentally-friendly is also one of our mission! Let's protect our environment together! 

Source: https://goo.gl/9ah6oS