Want a Standing Desk but too expensive? Boss refused to get you one?

by Kei Chan

According to TIMES, Standing desks have become a trend, office workers who experimented using Sit-Stand desk reported significant reduction of time spent sitting, better health and also job performance.  A research review mentioned that sitting more than 8 hours per day is linked to a higher chance of early death and cardiovascular disease. Type 2 diabetes also increase as we sit too much.

More employees are starting to realize the benefit from standing desk, but due to its high costs, it is often not so easy to convince the company to provide such luxury to their employee. Some companies now have policies where if the employee has medical proof showing he/she is in need to have one, the company will need to provide him or her with a  standing desk.

Even the top global companies like Google and Apple are providing their employees with standing desks as they see the benefits from using them. 

Better Health and Posture

There is a growing phenomenon where back and hip problems happen more than before.  Medical technology is more advanced but still lots of people are experiencing back pain. And it is mainly due to prolonged seating. Your boss probably would experience that from time to time, and this should be a good sufficient reason to let them know how sit standing desk can actually help his entire team to enhance their productivity, health status and overall operational efficiency!