Time to stand up at work!

by Creativeworks Group

Do you know employers in Denmark could be at legal risk if they don't offer sit-stand desks for employees? In Denmark, companies have been legally required to provide employees with an option for standing desks since 2014. Non-profit organization Ukactive also offers solutions to combat sedentary work life by making fitness facilities more accessible and developing workplace wellness programs. Australia and Canada also offered proactive campaigns that prompt companies to design workplaces that encourage activity and to adopt a more health-focused culture.

More standing would benefit not only health, but also workers' energy and creativity. When companies buy office furniture for employees, price is no longer the only concern, it's an investment by having ergonomics office supplies. It is believed 10 % of productivity is increased when employees use standing desk. In the US and UK, there is a tendency to treat workplace design as a cost, not an investment, however in Denmark, it has just made it mandatory for employers to offer their staff sit-stand desks.

So is it time for all of us in Hong Kong, to start considering sit-stand desk as mandatory at work?