The Only One Chair that brings you Comfort and Productivity at the same time

by Kei Chan

Flokk's HÅG Capisco Puls is the perfect minimal addition to your home setup. Besides its full ergonomic features that brings you productivity and health, Capisco is the first and foremost a friend to the environment.

The Greenguard-certified Capisco Puls is specially built for minimal environmental impact: it’s 95% recyclable, made with few chemical emissions and 24% post-consumer recycled materials. During the production it incorporates used plastic parts, and its foam cushion is made from recycled car bumpers!

👉🏻Why Capisco is such a good ergonomic chair option ?
✔️Capisco enables you to sit in different positions to create micro movements for your body without sacrificing your good posture. Of course, sitting too much or standing much either way is no good. Any sedentary lifestyle will lead to pains and strains.
✔️Capisco has a wide range of height adjustment which helps to open up your hip rotation and helps support the natural S curve you have. Which 90 degrees of sitting posture will actually accumulate pressure to your lower back and at the end leads to lower back pain.
We recommend clients sitting at an angle of 100-130 degree in a sit-stand/ or a Perch position which will help to support your lower back curve without the need to push your back up to maintain so, and what happens ? You feel great.
And by alternating between sitting and standing at work. Different tasks with different height positions. Capisco and Adjustable desks allow you to have great posture health, which means, more wealth emotionally, physically and perhaps financially .

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