EKOBOR's beginning journey

by Kei Chan

This is Kei Kei, Founder of EKOBOR.

It has almost been three years since I have started this brand, though our company has reached its 110 years milestones originated from Sweden this year.

Recently I have receive a couple product photo shots from our a dear client of ours. Wave of thoughts came into my head when I was looking at them, pondering through the excitements and experiences all over these few years, which triggers me to writing this post.

Saying “thank you” is not enough to all the people who have been walking and supporting us throughout this journey especially our clients. Without you all there won’t be EKOBOR, thank you to all the support, trust, patience, valuable interactions we shared which makes us grow to where we are now at this moment (we are just at the beginning and there is long long way to go..
Hopefully 🙈).

In fact, I really treasure all the questions and enquiries that our clients raise during the customer purchasing journey, which we became even more passionate into doing what we are doing and to be driven become better.

Thank you very much also to my dear team. We have all grown to be better and more united. And our mission is to bring health and wellness to you all and make these two important elements as part of yours/ours lifestyle. Nothing is more important than family, love and health in our lives.

We believe : Prevention is the Cure.

Once again, thank you 🙂
And wish you all well during this period of challenging time. ♥️

Kei Kei