Stay fit and happy at work

by Creativeworks Group
Everyone wants to work in Google because we all knew that Google cares about their employees, but here we would like to tell you one easy way to increase employee productivity and employee wellness all at one time. What's the secret behind?
A study at Texas A&M University revealed that people who use standing desks are 46% more productive than those who sit all day at a traditional desks. One of the major reasons the best ergonomics products are designed is to help reduce fatigue, when employees are fatigued, productivity suffers, and they could be more prone to making mistakes. Office workers sit for most of their 8 hour workday, then sit in car during their commute to and from work, then sit even more in the evenings while watching TV at home, these are a lot of sedentary hours each day. Why not just incorporate more movement into your day by using standing desk?
Standing desk is definitely the secret weapon to increase employee's productivity and wellness. Getting and keeping a quality workforce is one of the major challenge that companies face. Many are beginning to recognize that wellness programs can go a long way toward employee longevity and productivity. Not just small firms that are looking for ways to improve health, Google and Facebook both have wellness programs that include the use of standing desks in order to provide employees a way to overcome the dangers of sitting for hours each day. The benefits of standing desks definitely far outweigh the disadvantages for most types of companies.