Standing at Work to get your fitness up and get your work done quicker

by Kei Chan

Height Adjustable Desks is not only for improving productivity but also a great way to increase your fitness level, if you are eager to burn some calories during your busy times.

I visited the chiropractor today as I had some back and neck pain recently due to bowing my head too much, facing the computer and replying emails and messages through my phone.  These days people spent so much time on their gadget. We don't really need a computer anymore - your phone is your computer. 

we make transactions online, we do online purchasing. Everything became so convenient these days. Just a few clicks there your goods are on the way to your home.

This created a lot of issues to our physical structure - placing a lot of weight and strain on the neck, the upper and lower back.  Not to mention we sit a lot during the day at work to fight to get the work done.

The adjustable functions of the desks really help a lot in improving my own productivity.  I heard quite a few people sharing with me that there is no way that they will stand working.  I think once they really try to stand working for a while and see the benefit of it they will not sit so much anymore.  I usually stand after lunch for an hour because it helps me get motivated and speed up my thinking process.  And I like the fact that I can kick around or stretch a bit easily when I get a bit too intense with the tasks on hand.

Anyways, I think in order to see the benefit, you really need to try it yourself to know how great of an asset an adjustable desk really is!