Sitting or standing at classroom?

by Kei Chan

According to SCMP, it's stated that early studies on students standing up in classes show they are more engaged, and it can help children with attention difficulties to concentrate – but it’ll also depend on their age and maturity for it to work.

Although some people argue that comfortable sitting is necessity in classrooms, standing can indeed help children stay focus on their work. Students have shown improved scores and enhanced creativity. They have also been seen to be more engaged and have a better focus on the teacher, as well as increased class participation. 

What's more? We all know children obesity is an issue these days, research shown that normal weight kids burn between 15-25% more calories at standing desks, it is also effective in helping school kids keep fit.

Standing desk is not only good for office work. Standing is a new way of learning. Why stick to the traditional way of classroom learning?