Kids ergonomics

by Creativeworks Group

Ergonomics is not only important for working adults, it is also important for kids. Due to technology advancement, kids are always attached to their devices, they need to learn healthy habits for using computer, these habits will protect them from injuries. 

Younger and younger children are using home computer, often these young children are sitting in a chair with their legs and feet dangling and they might be using keyboard and mouse in an awkward posture because they are sitting too low. Parents play a crucial role in helping kids acquire proper healthy habits for computer use, here are some tips for parents. 

With reference to Cornell University Ergonomics Web, in order to keep kids healthy, parents can use the MVP approach.

  • Manage computer use time. Parents should monitor how long the computer is used and try to limit continuous use to blocks of no more than 30 minutes, they can never stop playing their computer games or series if no one stops them. Parents can encourage your kids to briefly do something different for a few minute, taking frequent short breaks allow the muscles to recuperate and avoids fatigue-related injuries. 
  • Vary the activities that kids do to use different muscle groups. Teach them to change their body positions periodically, every 30 mins your kids should stand up, walk around and rest the muscles used in typing and mouse work. Also encourage them to look at objects at different distances.
  • Posture during computer use is especially important, parents should help them to sit and work in a relaxed, neutral posture. Replacing their tables to height adjustable ones can encourage them to stand for every 30 mins.