Get a good sitting posture in 3 steps

by Kei Chan

Why Posture is So important?

Having a correct posture is not only about looking good in appearance but it's also about your body's balance, strength and flexibility that help to maximize your physical mobility and efficiency at work. Research also validates that sitting too much will lead to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

There are a few steps you can easily get yourself in good sitting posture.

The first step is get a chair and sit at the edge of the chair; secondly, perform a slouching posture roll your shoulder forward like a hunch back form and then roll your shoulder backward while trying to push your lumbar curve forward and hold that position for a few seconds, then slightly release it and there, you are in a good form! Thirdly, hold that position and sit backward to have the lumbar supporting your lower back with feet evenly flat on the floor ensuring there are 3 fingers gap behind your knee to ensure sufficient blood flow circulations.

Make sure your shoulder is always in a relaxed form with your elbow supported besides your trunk, Eyes should at a parallel level to the monitor screen avoiding a forward head position.

Your keyboard should be under your palm without any wrist extension or wrist flexion, you type hovering on the keyboard and not flattening your wrist. Usually, from floor to elbow height should be slightly lower than your wrist by 1/2 inches to 1 inch so you can place your keyboard tray underneath. 

Your wrist should also be parallel to your forearm in neutral straight form to avoid any deviations to the left or right side. 

Practicing a good posture and sound office ergonomic principles are extremely important to your long term health and productivity. Be aware of these factors and practicing them often will help you save up a lot of medical expenses in the long run!

Stay Healthy!

Kei Kei