My Experience with Capisco Chair

by Kei Chan


Been a while since I write something in here. So here I am today, Kei Kei, Founder of EKOBOR. And below photo is me, Hi! Hope you all well.

I never a fan of chairs before I start this business years ago nor I see the importance of having a good chair; my concept was, as long as I have a chair thats OK. 

Giving birth and the impacts from these factors drive me to realise and to dig deeper into the relationship between the tools within my working environment and health; thus, how these tools around me actually hinder my performance or enhance it.

I have a poor back and posture all along and I tend to slouch a lot. I was not quite able to fix my posture even I tried to sit properly forcing my lower back to sit up tall which in return is actually adding a lot of pressure to the muscle around it and as a result causing pain and soreness.

Put this short, I love Capisco because of the back plastic support that helps to get my posture into neutral and supported position. I tend to slouch easily and none traditional ergonomic chair are designed so close to the body curvature to create such a supporting effect! I do slouch a lot lesser and I do not cross my leg now as often anymore; thus I have less back pain now.

Do I feel tired sitting on it for too long? Yes ! of course!!! Sitting too long I get so tired too as I feel my muscles become weak and tightened. Standing is a form of elongation that helps to open up the core, the fascia and get blood flowing.

“Persons with uninterrupted sedentary bouts of 30 minutes or more had the highest risk for death if total sedentary time also exceeded 12.5 hours per day," quoted by Dr. David A. Alter, an associate professor at the University of Toronto in Ontario 

The underlying implications based on some research suggest the higher risk tendency for death could be due to the overall reduced net calorie expenditure and decrease in insulin sensitivity.

Anyways, I better make this short. 

I just enjoy my Capisco a lot. Period.