Hello I am Kei Kei. Today I am telling you why you need a Standing Desk

by Kei Chan

Hello All! This is Kei Kei here.

Today I decided to start using this wonderful platform to share with you all why I am so passionate about Standing Desk and localizing this product in Hong Kong.

Yes.Standing Desk has been going around for quite a while I am sure. But not many people really understand the benefits of it.


       upper bone   

Wow, Scary!!!!

Precisely, these two photos are the spine x-ray taken a few weeks after giving birth because I was experiencing tremendous back pain back then and it was really torturing.  During these times for almost 4-5 months, I was pretty much visiting the chiropractor 2 times a week which added up a lot of medical expenses.  And due to the fact that I was breastfeeding, the hormonal changes loosened up my joints easily; thus, I had to return to my doctor more often.

What I am trying to bring out a message is that :

1) Spine-health is really important: It is important because you will not realize how disturbing it is until you encounter issues, injuries... And I would like to emphasize that you need to start protecting your spine now rather than later. 

2) The pain can be unbearable when it comes:  Yes because there are so many nerves connecting to your spine and organs and also to your legs. If your spine is not taken well care of e.g wrong posture, cross your leg often.. etc when the problem occurs, it could be a bit too late.

3) If your spine is healthy: great! then it is about maintenance. We all get old one day and our bones will go fragile as we age.  Calcium supplements help a bit but not the key. We do need to incorporate a healthy working practice (since we spend so much time at work) and also with the right position in order to maintain.  When we get old with spine problems, I can imagine it is not very fun.

After pregnancy with my two boss babies, I realized how important it is to be able to work healthily since we spend most of our hours at work apart from communing and eating and sleeping. We should make use of this period of time and stay healthy the best we can.

And perhaps if you are parents, you may consider to let your kids start getting one too! Start incorporating this lifestyle into their school life!