Can kids benefit from ergonomics?

by Creativeworks Group

We adults already know that ergonomics is beneficial for our bodies, minds and spirits, we always ask for standing desk at office, so that we can improve our health and enhance productivity at work. We have learnt from published research and our own experiences about the importance of proper posture, effective lighting and ergonomic furniture, how about kids? Do they need it? 

They do need it. Children benefit from ergonomics in four major ways, long-term health, movement, lighting and safety. Ergonomics can be defined as how an environment supports the natural movement of those who occupy it, it's essential for children, they need movement and fun, an ergonomic environment that empowers their natural movements is extremely beneficial to their development. 

Many children use family computer for many hours but these home workstations are often designed for adults. 63% of 9-17 years old prefer web surfing to watching television. Ergonomic experts, school technology specialists and medical professionals say that incorrect posture at the computer puts kids at risk for wrist, neck, back and shoulder problems.

Parents should care about their posture when they are using the computer. Standing desks for kids are their best choice to encourage them to alternate between sitting and standing, movement is critical for kids. 

All in all, ergonomics is not for any age group, it benefits health, well-being, safety and productivity in children, teens, adults and seniors. Importance of setting up our environment to empower our bodies is an investment that is worthy of focus and practice.