A Healthier Way Of Working and the beginning of EKOBOR

by Kei Chan

Making of =)

Hello Everyone!  My name is Kei Kei. EKOBOR has an interesting beginning, it is due to the back pain I was facing when I was carrying the twins.  I had serious lower back pain to the extend I could not even walk properly after I gave birth to them. The poor back pain had triggered me to realize the potential damages and severe pain can lead to if constantly work sitting or under a wrong position/posture.   EKOBOR stands for Ecological Living in Swedish.

We are not selling furniture, we are a workplace health solution provider. In corporate and company's point of view, when their employees are healthier, the operations and results generated by the team could also be improved tremendously through the use of Standing Desk.  Being a Humanistic “health” office furniture provider is our core and long term vision 


A little sharing about myself ;)

Working full time while being a Mommy is not easy at all, I believe there are many mommies out there also trying hard to strike a balance in between taking care of their loved ones while aiming for peak performance in their career. I must say, there is simply no easy way out!

The twins were the drive and motivation to this adventure.  They inspired me to think deeper about working healthy and efficiently.  Employee do not necessarily need to sacrifice health for productivity, in fact, we are here to help you become more efficient. We are here to optimize the two key elements that all workers and employees care in life. - Staying healthy and being profitable. The two can be optimized through our workplace health solution.

Moreover, I hope that when they grew up and look back to these videos they will realize that in order to achieve something/their interests I.e wanting to be a great soccer player or a pianist. Lots of sweats must be put in it :) and would also like to encourage all mommies out there keep up with all the good work :)))

Let's add oil together !!