I-Baby Study Standing Desk (Code: EZW01/ Elm Wood)

I-Baby Study Standing Desk (Code: EZW01/ Elm Wood) - EKOBOR
I-Baby Study Standing Desk (Code: EZW01/ Elm Wood) - EKOBOR
I-Baby Study Standing Desk (Code: EZW01/ Elm Wood) - EKOBOR

I-Baby Study Standing Desk (Code: EZW01/ Elm Wood)

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  • All Electrical Standing Desks and Chairs, Price Include delivery and installations
  • 10 年保修(僅限升降枱、HÅG, ERGOTRON 顯示臂和 RH 椅子)
  • I-Standing and other office ergonomic chairs (Galaxy, E-Transformer, etc.) are *ONLY* available in CWB Sino plaza Rm2803.
  • In Stock Items: 3-5 working days delivery, Customization Desks 4-6 weeks.

Height range suitable perfectly for young children to teenager 

  • Height adjustment: 49-91cm
  • Dual Motors/Three Stages
  • Loading: 100kg
Table top suitable range from 90cm (W) to 150cm (W) table tops size width

Material: E0 grade MFC recycle wood materials
Including cable basket tray and cable snake for wire management
Round corner, and cable hole on the right.

*Lock the panel if you do not want your child to play with the control panel by pressing S+2 together for 5 seconds.

Safety Lock, Sit-Stand Alarm (beep sound), memories setting, minimum and maximum height setting.

It is also a great addition as an electrical adjustable coffee+working table for home use due its very low starting height.

Including Cable Basket and Cable Snake for Full cable management.

Delivery and installations are included.

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