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Positional Habits is crucial to children's growth, Not Just Adults

Posted by Kei Chan on

Children need an ergonomic chair and height adjustable desk as much as an adult needs an ergonomic workstation.

without ergonomic chair

The problem with conventional desk and chair at school or home is that they are not built to fit. Growing children's stature often differ in height and sizes and the misfit is one of a crucial factor that inhibits proper and healthy spinal growth.

Investing in ergonomic study furniture might not be a bad idea as kids grow rapidly, probably will be able to save off some expenses by changing new suitable furniture from time to time. 

The new Kidult Height Adjustable Desk we just launch is suitable for kids ranging from 4-15 years old; thus parents really do not need to worry about changing furniture year on year as we offer 10 years warranty for the motor and control panel. 


The great thing about adjustable furniture is that they increase muscle movement, joint range, and blood flow which provides children with comfort, physical dynamic movements, and a ready-to-learn mindset.


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