Standing Desk Stationery Drawer - Black (SKU:ST29-001-02)

SKU: ST29-001-02
standing desk drawer
adjustable desk drawer

Standing Desk Stationery Drawer - Black (SKU:ST29-001-02)

SKU: ST29-001-02
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  • 10 yrs warranty (ONLY on standing desks, HÅG and RH chairs)

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EKOBOR Sit Stand Workstation designed the best drawer that can suit your space while allowing you to keep standing when you are at work ! Stationery, important items are within reach.

It is very important you have a drawer to organise all your stationery and even sometimes, maybe you would want to keep some personal information in it rather than lying things around your beautiful height adjustable desk!

There are no adjustable desk else where that are designed to have a drawer and EKOBOR did it for you.

This EKOBOR designed compartments can help you organise all your pens, pencils, stapler, binder clips, and index cards nicely without even have to think of how. 


Size:  800 x 251 x 70 mm

Color: Black

Drawer only fits table top with depth no less than 65cm or equivalent

Delivery and Installations is included (IF YOU do not need delivery and installations Pls speak with our sales) 

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